Brunch menu

Try our stone baked pizzas or if you’re willing to share, try our beautiful bruschetta boards.

Our favorite

  • B U T T E R M I L K PA N C A K E €9.00

    Fresh berries and whipped Chantilly cream or Smoked Bacon or Nutella

  • B R I O C H E F R E N C H T O A S T €9.00

    Canadian maple syrup and Fresh Berries or Smoked Bacon

  • F U L L I R I S H B R E A K F A S T €12.00

    Smoked bacon, 2 sausages, 2 fried eggs, black & white pudding, Portobello mushroom, roast tomatoes, rustic potatoes, baked beans with choice of your bread

  • M I N I B R E A K F A S T €9.00

    Smoked bacon, 1 sausage, pudding & baked beans


  • R O YA L B E N E D I C T €12.00

    Toasted English muffins, smoked salmon, poached eggs hollandaise sauce

  • T R A D I T I O N A L B E N E D I C T €12.00

    Toasted English muffins, ham, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce

  • V E G G I E B E N E D I C T €12.00

    Toasted English muffins, spinach, portobello mushroom poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and smoked paprika


  • S M O K E D B A C O N & O N I O N O M E L E T T E €10.00

    Smoked streaky bacon, red onion, mature cheddar & chilli flakes.

  • M U S H R O O M O M E L E T T E €10.00

    Wild mushroom & parmesan cheese

  • M A K E Y O U R O W N €10.00

    Choice of ham, bacon, onion, tomatoes, mushroom, peppers, sweet corn, mozzarella, cheddar


  • C A E S A R S A L A D €9.00

    Baby gem, Caesar dressing, crispy bacon, croutons and parmesan shaving.

  • A S I A N S A L A D €9.00

    Rice noodle, bean sprouts, red cabbage, scallions, carrots with a miso dressing
    ADD BUTTERMILK CHICKEN € 3.00 [1,7,]
    ADD CRISPY CALAMARI € 3.00 [1,14]
    ADD PRAWNS € 4.00 [1,2]

soup of the day

  • B O W L O F S O U P €5.50

    served with homemade brown bread

bugler's special

  • B E E F B U R G E R €14.00

    8 Oz beef patty, crispy onion, lettuce, tomato, smoked bacon & our chipotle mayo in a toasted brioche bun

  • C H I C K E N B U R G E R €14.00

    Buttermilk chicken, lettuce, tomato, homemade coleslaw & chipotle mayo in a toasted brioche bun

  • F I S H & C H I P S €15.00

    Hop House 13 battered hake, rustic tartar sauce, fries and minted pea pure

  • P O S H SHNACK B O X €12.00

    Fried chicken leg & wing, chunky fries, sweet chili and BBQ sauce


  • C H I C K E N P E S T O €9.50

    Rotisserie chicken, butter, tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto

  • C H I C K E N & B A C O N €9.50

    Rotisserie chicken, butter, smoked bacon & cranberry sauce.

  • C H I C K E N & S T U F F I N G €9.50

    Rotisserie chicken, butter, homemade stuffing

  • T O A S T E D S P E C I A L €9.50

    Ham, butter, mature cheddar, red onion

  • F A L A F E L €9.50

    Hummus, pickle shallots, crispy lettuce, tomatoes, garlic mayo in a pita bread

  • S M O K E D S A L M O N €9.50

    moked salmon served on soda bread with picked shallots, capers and lemon wedge


  • SKINNY FRIES €4.00
  • CHUNKY FRIES €4.50
  • SIDE SALAD €4.00
  • COLESLAW €4.00

kids menu

  • kids menu €8.00

    Chicken Goujons, Cocktail Sausages, Chicken Nuggets or Fish Goujons with Fries